What Should You Do if Exposed to Lead?

If you’re worried about lead, the best thing to do is to put your mind at ease by testing to find out what you’re dealing with.

Lead can be found in many places in our homes… and after over 3 decades of working with lead and lead abatement, here are the steps that we recommend.


First, see your doctor to organise blood testing to find out if you or your family have been exposed to lead.

If lead is detected in the blood, it’s time to test your home or other areas where you spend time.


Test! Get your LEAD Group Kit (https://leadsafeworld.com/LAN-test) to test –

  • The dust in your home with a surface dust wipe
  • The water from the tap you drink from
  • The soil that you grow vegetables or herbs in, or that your children, pets or chooks access
  • The toys that your children or pets suck on – especially if they are old or imported
  • Any eggs that you eat from your chooks


If you aren’t sure what to do, then reach out to us here https://leadsafeworld.com/contact-TLG or book a call with Grandma Lead (https://leadsafeworld.com/LAN-advice).

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to lead poisoning. Take action today to protect your family’s health and well-being.

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