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In The LEAD Group Shop, you’ll find a range of Kits and add-ons to meet your various testing needs.

Free LEAD Group Kits for Indigenous Australians

Indigenous Australians typically have higher blood lead levels than non-Indigenous Australians and higher rates of lead-linked impacts such as early death by heart attack or stroke.

The LEAD Group seeks to Close the Gap by offering a free 8-Sample LEAD Group Kit to anyone wishing to collect samples which could lead to the reduction of lead exposure in Indigenous Australians.

Please contact us here if you want to take up our offer. 

Join and Save

First things first – we wanted to let you know that by becoming a member you can save on your testing kits.

  1. Simply, click here to join (individual or organisation),
  2. Next, you’ll receive an email from us with your discount codes,
  3. Then come back and order the Kit that suits your needs.

You’ll end up placing 2 separate orders – one to join and the second to buy your discounted kit. Okay?

Test Kits

If you’ve been here before and know what you want, then simply choose from this list.

Please note, that unless you are doing water samples or dust wipes, then the Emailed Kit option gives you savings.

1-sample kit (emailed) - LEAD Group Shop
1-sample kit (posted) - LEAD Group Shop
2-sample kit (emailed) - LEAD Group Shop
2-sample kit (posted) - LEAD Group Shop
8-sample kit (emailed) - LEAD Group Shop
8-sample kit (posted) - LEAD Group Shop

Kit prices include:

  • Lead analysis of samples by NATA accredited laboratory
  • Written interpretation of results
  • Written comments and recommendations

Not Sure What You Need?

You can have a video call with Grandma Lead (Elizabeth O’Brien) to get advice on what to sample, how to sample and any other lead question that you have. Book a call here.

what should I test for lead - LeadSafeWorld

Take the quiz to figure out what you should test and your next steps.

We recommend the 8-Sample Kit to many of our clients because there’s a lot of flexibility in what can be tested.

The 8-Sample Kit is ideal for people who:

  • Have young children (or are planning a family), indoor pets and are in old home/day care/pre-school/school
  • Have backyard chickens so you can test eggs, chook-run soil, dirt bath soil, commercial chicken feed, any paint and a surface dust wipe of galvanised components the chooks can access
  • Planning on a renovation so you can test ceiling dust, surface dust from multiple areas, paint chips, and water

The 2-Sample Kit is ideal if:

  • You have new taps (or a PVC hose or new water pump, ball valve, etc) or tank water, and only have one tap that you use for water for drinking or cooking (if you have more than one tap for this, then consider the 8-Sample Kit instead)
  • You’re repainting a room and want to test the paint from the walls and architraves
  • You’ve got a vegetable/herb garden and want to test the soil

Did You Know…?

You aren’t locked into 1 type of test when you choose a 2- or 8-Sample Kit.

So, if you decided on a 2-Sample Kit, you might test paint chips and soil.

Or an 8-Sample Kit could see you testing water, surface dust, ceiling dust, soil, paint chip, and more!

You are not limited to testing the same thing for every sample in your Kit.

Choosing Your Kit: What Do You Want to Test?

Click on a button to get to the relevant Kit or Add-On.

paint - lead group shop
Commercial Chicken Feed - LeadSafeWorld shop
Toy Paint - LEAD Group Shop
Surface Dust Wipe - LEAD Group Shop
Fluoride - LEAD Group Shop
soil - LEAD Group Shop
Ceiling Dust - LEAD Group Shop
Ceramic - LEAD Group Shop
Asbestos Detection - LEAD Group Shop
LEAD Group Shop - LeadSafeWorld shop
egg - LEAD Group Shop
Vacuum Dust - LEAD Group Shop
Water - LEAD Group Shop
extra metals - LEAD Group Shop
Medication - LEAD Group Shop

Options = Add-Ons

Because you can test so many things for lead, we wanted to help make it easier for you to locate exactly what you need and only pay for what you want tested.

It’s for these reasons that there are Add-Ons.

Many of the add-ons incur an extra lab fee as there is special preparation required for the sample to be analysed.

What you’ll need to do is to select your Kit (pop it in the cart), then choose which add-ons you’d like.

Asbestos Detection - LeadSafeWorld
Water Hardness - LeadSafeWorld shop
Jewellery - LeadSafeWorld
Soil pH - LeadSafeWorld shop
Ceramic - LeadSafeWorld
Fluoride - LeadSafeWorld
extra metals - LeadSafeWorld
Water pH - LeadSafeWorld shop
Toy Paint - LeadSafeWorld
egg -LeadSafeWorld
Food - LeadSafeWorld
Medication -LeadSafeWorld
substrate sample separation - LeadSafeWorld

We get it…

Sometimes it all becomes clearer what you need once you start taking samples.

Please know that you can come back here for add-ons once you have your Kit.

Other Information

Your membership fees support our work in making a lead-safe world.

As a charity memberships, donations and volunteers make the work we do possible and more accessible (as we keep our prices low).