Partners of the Lead Safe World Project have created the following solutions – fact sheets and videos – to lead problems:

  1. LEAD Group DIY-sampling / lab analysis lead test kits
  2. Trailer for the MISLEAD Movie, made by Tamara Rubin, Lead Safe America Foundation
  3. Lead Paint and Human Health, made by The National Painting and Decorating Institute
  4. Lead-Safety for Roofers and Rainwater Users
  5. Learn about Lead, by United States Environmental Protection Agency
  6. Changing Ideas About What is a Safe Blood Level
  7. Nutrition to Fight Lead Poisoning
  8. eGroups for Support and Information
  9. How to Make Your Home and Yard Lead-safe
  10. How to reduce lead poisoning amongst 40,000 pre-school children in Shymkent, Kazakhstan
  11. Lead Alert: The six step guide to painting your home
  12. Foods for Lead Detox
  13. VINCO Full Stainless Steel Tapware
  14. Blood Lead Challenge (Arabic, English, French, Greek, Spanish)
  15. VAP made easy – how to create a winner – for classroom or home viewing
  16. Use of Lead in Paint in NSW – When and Where it was Used
  17. Conclusions of cost benefit analyses of lead abatement
  18. Health Impacts of Lead Poisoning / 铅中毒对健康的影响 (Chinese)
  19. Fact Sheet:Lead your health and environment
  20. Fact Sheet:Lead safety at home
  21. Fact Sheet: Old lead paint
  22. Fact Sheet: Lead and home renovations
  23. Fact Sheet: Lead in ceiling dust
  24. Fact Sheet: Working safely with lead
  25. Fact Sheet: Lead hazard management in children’s services
  26. Links to the above 7 lead safe fact sheets
  27. GVT Ask your Water Authority to replace your leaded brass meter with a ZLM today
  28. VIDEO Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action 2019 – Elizabeth O’Brien, The LEAD Group interviewed by Lucinda Curran, Eco Health Solutions