In Partnership with The LEAD Group

During 2023 International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action, we were honoured to have the following companies become or renew their Partnership with us.

When there is so much action that can be taken to make the world lead-safe, having like-minded partners reinforces the sense that we can do this because we are doing it together.

Would you like to partner with us?

We’d love to have you on board. There are lots of benefits to being a partner – click here to read more. https://leadsafeworld.com/LAN-partnerwithus 

Creative Einstein

Under the leadership of Alice Ju, boasts a team of experienced educators with a remarkable track record.

Their students consistently achieve outstanding results in OC and Selective High School Placement exams and excel in NAPLAN and ICAS competitions. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to lead safety. Creative Einstein students have made an exceptional impact on The LEAD Group’s lead safety photo/film competition, the Volcano Art Prize. By using lead-free art materials for their submissions, they’ve not only showcased their creativity and dedication but have also significantly contributed to lead safety awareness. In fact, Creative Einstein students have collectively submitted more entries than all other schools worldwide. Creative Einstein have also established a Facebook Group rich with free educational resources (worksheets, vocabulary, video lessons, exam information and advice, etc) for parents of school aged students with the vision of creating a community of well-informed parents to support their children navigate through milestones at school. Join the group Parent support: NAPLAN, OC, Selective https://leadsafeworld.com/LAN-partnerCE 

Test My Property

Stefan Irwanto is a Biomedical Engineer, an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP), and the founder of Test My Property.

He utilises The LEAD Group’s testing kits to assess lead contamination. With extensive experience in air quality monitoring and a deep understanding of environmental toxins, Stefan is dedicated to ensuring that every property is free from lead, and other potential hazards, such as mould, poor indoor air quality, VOCs and EMF. Stefan is a certified IICRC Water Damage Restoration and Applied Microbial Remediation Technician. His mission is to reduce the impact of environmental toxins one property at a time. https://leadsafeworld.com/LAN-partnerTMP 

Global Valve Technology takes the lead in ensuring your water safety. With our state-of-the-art Zero Lead Water Meters, including advanced Digital Water Meters (NBIoT and LoRaWAN), we’re committed to eliminating the risk of lead exposure in your water.

The New York Times reminds us that no exposure to lead is entirely safe, as even low levels can impact a child’s intelligence, learning ability, and behaviour. While Australia is trailing behind North America and Europe in the removal of lead content from our water, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has set the course for change. Plumbing products, including water meters, will soon be limited to a maximum allowable lead content of just 0.25%. Why wait possibly a decade or more to replace your old, high-lead water meter? Reach out to your water company now and discuss your concerns. They’re dedicated to your well-being. Make the safe choice with Global Valve Technology.

Mudgee Region Health Alliance is an alliance of medicos, vets, nurses and scientists all supporting the fight against Bowdens Lead mine. Mudgee Region Action Group (formerly Lue Action Group) was formed in 2011 to ensure development proposed for the region is undertaken responsibly, and in a way that protects the community and the environment.

Mudgee Region Action Group (MRAG) is opposed to the Bowdens Silver Pty Ltd proposal for the development of lead zinc and silver mine at Lue, on the basis that the mine would have unacceptable impacts on the Mudgee, Rylstone, Kandos and Lue communities, people and surrounding environment in the short, medium and long term. Please support the work of these Mudgee Region groups by signing the petition at https://leadsafeworld.com/LAN-partnerMRHA and sharing the link on Social Media.

Vinco is an industry leader in stainless steel tapware for residential and commercial use. Their commitment to delivering health and well-being to Australian communities and businesses is evident in their high manufacturing standards.

Vinco stands out for its focus on lead-free, brass-free tapware products, ensuring the safety of your drinking water. Their stainless steel tapware eliminates the need for costly additional filters and maintenance, making it a more cost-effective choice. When shopping for tapware, remember to prioritise lead-free and brass-free options, compliance with Australian standards, and overall cost-effectiveness. Vinco offers a safer and economically sound solution for your tapware needs. https://leadsafeworld.com/LAN-partnerV 

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