Donate: Make a Meaningful Impact with Just $10!

Make a Meaningful Impact

At The LEAD Group, we’re dedicated to safeguarding communities from the dangers of lead exposure. Through partnerships, donations, and kit sales, we fund our critical work to provide support and resources to those in need.

Despite our shoestring budget, we remain dedicated to our mission to make the world lead-safe. Part of this is to ensure that all Australians have access to our services. To this end, we’ve made LEAD Testing Kits available for free to individuals and families who may otherwise be unable to afford them.

Now, we’re reaching out to you for support.

Imagine the difference we could make if every reader of this newsletter raised just $100.

With a collective effort, we could easily surpass our fundraising goal of $3500.

And the best part? You only need to ask 10 people to donate $10 each to help us achieve this milestone.

Your generous tax-deductible donation will directly impact those who rely on our services for lead testing and prevention. Together, we can provide free kits to those who need them most, ensuring their safety and well-being.

So, are you ready to make a meaningful difference with just $10? Join us in our mission to create a lead-safe world for all.

Donate today and spread the word: https://leadsafeworld.com/donate$100each

Thank you for your unwavering support!

Team-LEAD Group

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