Introducing the Grandma Lead Advice Call!

With preventing lead exposure one of our major aims, we wanted to bring you a service to meet your needs.

Let’s face it, there is only so much “general information” that is helpful… and that is why we wanted to create the opportunity for you to get advice tailored to your situation, the opportunity to ask about whatever it is that you want to know and get unbiased advice…

Introducing the Grandma Lead Advice Call!

Connect with Elizabeth O’Brien, our lead expert of over 30 years, via video call.

✅ Her advice is all about finding the best solutions for YOUR lead concerns.

No affiliate links, just genuine guidance rooted in extensive experience.

— Learn more and book your call – https://leadsafeworld.com/LAN-advice  

— Not sure what to test?

— Need guidance on sampling spots?

— Curious about sample collection techniques?

— Seeking solutions for lead findings?

— Want facts instead of social media horror stories?

— Concerned about elevated blood lead levels?

What will it cost you?

$60 per 15-minute interval. Just pay for the time you need! We’re committed to ethical billing practices to ensure you get precisely the guidance you require.

Don’t let lead concerns linger – Grandma Lead’s got you covered!

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