The Scafell Project – Steps

At this time, the steps envisioned to progress the Scafell Project include:

  • Seek endorsements.
  • Look for sources of data or biosamples.
  • Seek assurances that the replacement of Public Health England will not mean that the Lead Exposure in Children Surveillance System (LEICSS) is abandoned and that the new National Institute for Health Protection will include protecting children from lead in its remit.
  • Inform the NSC about the mission of the Scafell Project and ask them to seek an alternative organisation to provide the next external review.
  • Investigate ways to measure the prevalence of elevated blood lead levels in England.
  • Collect information on the accuracy of BLC screening.
  • Collect information on the efficacy of interventions in children’s environments.
  • Prepare a submission to the NSC.