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The Global Lead Advice and Support Service has created the following interest groups.
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Yahoo groups provide information and discussion on given topics. 

The Leaded Kids  e-group was set up by the Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS) on July 17, 2006 to help parents, teachers, doctors and carers of children with lead poisoning. Includes detailed discussion of lead detoxification, news about lead-related issues, and other heavy metal-related issues. The Global Lead e-group
This e-group provides a discussion forum specifically for business. A group in which lead mining, smelting, manufacturing and recycling companies – and those companies offering lead-free products, lead replacement products, and lead-safe services or any product or service which measures lead or cleans up lead from the environment or removes lead from the body – can share information on the management of lead and engage with the community and environmental organisations who seek improved lead stewardship and the global elimination of lead poisoning. Lead Safe World Partners of the LEAD Group are particularly welcome to participate in the Global Lead e-group.
Autism and Lead Poisoning Plumbism and Autism Network (PAN): Discusses current issues related to the increasing incidence of autism and the potential link between autism and metallothionein dysfunction and excessive lead exposure or exposure to other heavy metals as a trigger for autism. This
group includes detailed discussion of lead detoxification, news about lead-related issues, and other heavy metal-related issues. Most members are parents of children with lead poisoning and autism, aspergers, ADD, ADHD, PDD, PDD-NOS, or related symptoms. Although the primary focus is on lead poisoning, we also discuss other heavy metals (for example: mercury, cadmium, arsenic,
Lead Workers Lead miners & smelter workers, shooters, radiator repairers, automobile & lead acid battery recyclers, leadlighters, metal & e-waste recyclers, leaded petrol service station staff, jewellers, glass & crystal manufacturers, PVC & paint manufacturers, painters, roofers, demolishers, renovators, remodellers, builders, etc, all work with lead and need to prevent lead poisoning. This global support network was set up by a community group in Australia (the world’s largest lead exporting country) to assist lead workers and help spread the word on how to stay safe while working with lead and get support and treatment if lead poisoning has already occurred.

Lead Point Source Communities This e-group is set up to help, support and assist people living in Lead Point Source Communities such as Lead mines, Lead Smelters, Battery Manufacturing Plants, Electrical and Electronics Components Recycling (like Computer waste, electrical repair shops etc.), Automobile body Paint Shop and much more -any point source of lead emissions.

Lead Poisoned Adults Most members are adults with lead poisoning and this group talks about how adults can be seriously affected by lead. This group also discusses different adverse effects of lead on adults such as reproductive health effects, and effects on kidneys, nervous system, cardiovascular and circulation, intellectual and mental functioning, behavior, sensory, gastrointestinal digestive and  any more like these.

Lodged Lead Shot or Bullet Support Group The Lodged Lead Shot or Bullet Support Group aims to  support people who seek information and advice on the life-long management and monitoring of lead bullets or shot which have become lodged in the body, in order to ensure that the lodged lead is not causing lead poisoning.

Ban Leaded Paints and Cosmetics Ban Leaded Paint & Cosmetics e-group is a global network of individuals, non-government organisations (NGOs) including consumer groups, government agencies, companies and industry associations seeking to achieve a global ban of leaded surface coatings including paints and inks, and leaded cosmetics and toiletries.
Lead Petrol Ban Lead Petrol Ban is a global network of individuals and non-government organisations (NGOs) seeking to finalise the global ban of leaded petrol (leaded gasoline). It is moderated by The Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS) – a free information and referral service aiming to protect the environment from lead and eliminate lead poisoning globally. Lead Safe Electronics Ban Lead Electronics egroup will be self assisting to help ban use of lead in processing or manufacturing Electrical and Electronic goods and to support any campaign in the countries still making extensive use of lead in the industry and whose regulatory authorities have made no move towards a ban.
The Toxics Egroup  If you’re keen on a toxics-safe future for the planet, then this is the discussion group for you. Individuals and Environmental Health Group representatives are welcome to join in order to share information and ask questions on any toxics issue. NoLead  The primary purpose of the NoLead listserv is to foster communication, coordination and initiatives among NGOs and other representatives of civil society who wish to contribute to the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (GAELP) and to advance its objectives. The NoLead egroup was developed out of the side-meeting of lead-interested NGOs at the inaugural meeting of GAELP, organised by the the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) held in Geneva, Switzerland in May, 2010.