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Not testing Water or Surface Dust Wipes?

Then you can order our NEW emailed Lead Testing Kits – they cost less and you can get your sample/s to the lab sooner.

What’s new in the shop?


To make things simpler for your, we’ve renamed our kits based on the number of samples in each kit.

We’ve added in the emailed Lead Testing Kits (mentioned above) – which saves you time and money as we email you the information for you take your samples, instead of posting everything out.

And, we’re setting up the add-ons so you can test even more –

We’re also going to be making it easier for you to find the right testing kits and combinations for your needs.

Like a discount on your Lead Testing Kit?

We offer discounts to members of The LEAD Group for our Lead Testing Kits.

Simply join here as an individual or organisation.

We’ll then email you the discount coupons which you can use right away.

Your membership fees support our work in making a lead-safe world. As a charity memberships, donations and volunteers make the work we do possible and more accessible (as we keep our prices low).