Water Lead Testing Kit (2 Samples)

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Test for lead in water from any source: rainwater/tank water, bore water, dam water, ground water, river water, swimming pool water or mains water. The kit can also test that components of water systems are not leaching lead over safe levels – for example, new brass taps, or, if you use non-mains water, then the water pump, or, for rainwater, lead roof flashing, lead sheet or lead gutters. Note that rainwater should always be tested for lead before drinking it and any water should be tested before drinking it if you have new brass taps or you’ve just moved in and you don’t know if any of the plumbing is new.

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To be eligible for the member’s discount, you must become a member and apply the coupon code we sent you once you reach the checkout area. Membership is $10 per annum for individuals and $132 per annum for organisations. This kit is $85 for members.

Because we believe that every Australian who is drinking non-mains water should test their water for lead, we are offering a special price on a new kit “The Water Lead Test Kit” to test a standing and a flushed water system sample.

*Water Kit AU$100 or AU$85 for LEAD Group members. The water test kit requires less lab work and a lot less interpretation that is why it costs less. Prices include postage within Australia, handling, lab charge, results, interpretation & GST.

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