Toy Paint Metals Suite (add-on)


Toy paint often used to contain lead and other metals.

If you’ve got old toys (wooden or metal), consider testing them for these extra metals.

Especially if your child or pet plays with them, mouthes or sucks them.

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Toy Paint Metals Suite

Toy Paint Metals Suite is an important add-on when testing toy paint.

Your Kit includes lead, this add-on measures 7 other metals, as identified in toy paint by the Australian Toy Standards.

These extra metals are antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, and selenium.

All results will be compared to the maximum leachable metals concentrations in the Toy Standard.

Choose this option if you want to know that your children (and/or pets) are safe with the painted toys that they play with, chew or mouthe.

Note, you can add on Extra Metals individually, but this is a more affordable option.


  1. Simply select which Lead Testing Kit you’d like – 1-Sample, 2-Sample or 8-Sample
  2. Purchase as many of these Metals Suite add-ons that you want
  3. Send the whole toy or paint chips to the lab

Each Metals Suite uses one of the samples from your Kit purchase.

Options for Collecting Paint

  • If you can, scrape off some paint (any amount up to a total area of 3cm2)
  • If you can’t scrape it off, then send the whole toy to the lab where it will be immersed in a mild acid (note, this will damage the toy paint and thus the toy should not be played with) then analysed for leachable lead

Note to Toy Importers / Manufacturers

You can purchase this add-on to get an idea of whether you need to change paint suppliers before going to market.

However, you will not receive results acceptable to Customs or to Toy Distributors.

Certification of a toy coating meeting AS/NZS ISO 8124.3 Safety of toys Part 3: Migration of certain elements including Lead Analysis is only available at a couple of specialist labs in Australia.

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