Grandma Lead Advice Call


Calls are charged at $60/15-minute interval – read to the bottom for more details.

Are you needing lead advice?

Perhaps you want to know how to collect your samples? Or choose the best location?

Maybe you need advice on how to deal with lead?

Or you might be wondering if there are potential sources of lead in your home and need to get some sound guidance?

No matter what type of lead advice you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with the Grandma Lead Advice Call.

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Grandma Lead Advice Call

The Grandma Lead Advice Call is your chance to hop on a video call with Elizabeth O’Brien.

Elizabeth has been providing quality advice on lead for over 30 years.

What makes Grandma Lead’s advice different?

Her advice is based solely on what will be the best way to sort out your lead issues.

She never uses affiliate links so isn’t pocketing any money for her recommendations.

Her knowledge and experience with lead are as deep as they are broad.

These calls with Grandma Lead are video calls so you can show her things, ask her to look at something, or guide you in taking a sample.

Note, if you only have access to a telephone, don’t worry, she can still connect with you that way. 🙂

What is a Grandma Lead Advice Call?

It’s a video call where you can talk to Elizabeth about whatever it is that you want that relates to lead.

Maybe you – 

  • Need her guidance in selecting the right place to sample?
  • Might want her advice on how to collect your sample?
  • Would like more information on how to address the lead found in your samples?
  • Want to find out if lead could be a problem?
  • Have heard nightmarish stories about lead on social media and want to get some solid information?
  • Or someone in your household has an elevated blood lead level?

Whatever the reason, Grandma Lead is here for you.

What does one of these calls cost?

Calls are billed at $60 per 15-minute interval.

The reason you aren’t paying up front is so that you only pay for the time you use.

At The LEAD Group, we’re super ethical, so don’t want to charge you for an hour-long call if you only need 15-minutes.

Any other questions?

Reach out to us here.

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