Jewellery Metals Suite (add on)


Jewellery can be prepared for testing for metals in jewellery. This is particularly recommended if a child has been mouthing or chewing on jewellery.

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Jewellery Metals Suite

Jewellery Metals Suite assesses 3 extra metals that are often found in jewellery (your Kit includes lead).

This Add-On is particularly recommended if a child mouthes or chews on jewellery.

These extra metals are antimony, cadmium, and nickel.

Note, you can add on Extra Metals individually, but this is a more affordable option.


  1. Simply select which Lead Testing Kit you’d like – 1-Sample, 2-Sample or 8-Sample
  2. Purchase as many Jewellery Metals Suite add-ons that you want.
  3. Note which sample you’d like to use this add-on for on your chain of custody (document you email us once you’ve completed collecting your samples)

Other Things to Consider

** Important this preparation can damage the jewellery.

It is important to consider this, as there are no guarantees that it won’t. As a result, you may not want it back.

However, if you’d like it back pleas be sure to send the sample in a Glad Seal Bag with a self-addressed postage-paid envelope/packaging inside so that the lab can send it back after testing it for leachable lead.


The lab will provide a result on the levels of metals.

For this test, the lab immerses the item in a mild acid solution. This causes metals to leach out of the item into the solution.

The levels of these metals are then measured and reported to us.

We’ll compare these to US Regulations and the Australian Toy Standard maximums for migration (leachability) of lead and other metals – as there are no standards or regulations limiting lead or other toxic metals in Australia for jewellery.

And from there, we’ll provide you with interpretation and comments.

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