Food or Medication Testing (add-on)


Food or Medication Testing for lead is an important way to identify sources of exposure and reduce your intake.

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Food or Medication Testing (add-on)

Food or Medication Testing is an add-on to your Lead Testing Kits.

Why Test Food or Medication?

If you’re concerned that lead may be present in your food or medication, then it is important to test it.

What may prompt you to investigate foods and medication is if someone in your family has a high blood lead level. In this instance, identifying the sources of exposure is an important next step, particularly as foods, medications and herbs may be contaminated prior to import into Australia.

We recommend an 8-Sample Kit so you can also test water, soil (especially if you’re growing your own food or have chooks), and other samples, too. Or you might want to compare certain foods, medications, or supplements to determine which ones have the lowest levels of lead.


  1. Simply select which Lead Testing Kit you’d like – 1-Sample, 2-Sample or 8-Sample.
  2. Purchase as many Food or Medication Testing add-ons that you think you’ll need. Note that you can always return during the actual sampling and purchase this add-on later if you need to.
  3. Note which sample/s you’d like to use this add-on for on your chain of custody (document you email us once you’ve completed collecting your samples)


LEAD Group Kits are the only ones available in Australia for testing a wide variety of sample types for lead. Our Kits can be used for a range of materials including foods and medication.


We’ll send you the instructions.

You collect the samples then send them back.

We’ll have your food and medication samples analysed by the National Measurement Institute. (This is the Australian Government’s national authority on measurement that specialises in foods and medications). Other samples are analysed by Sydney Analytical Labs.

Once analysed, we’ll provide you with the results along with our interpretation, comments, and recommendations.

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