Egg Preparation for Analysis


Egg preparation for testing.

LEAD Group Kits can now be used to test eggs for lead.

Simply order a kit (excluding Water Kits) and then order the extra service of testing an egg or eggs.

The egg/s will count as one of your LEAD Group Kit samples. The extra cost for an egg to be prepared for testing is $30 per egg.

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Test for lead if you want to prevent lead poisoning. Test for lead if you have any reason to suspect that it is present in the egg. It’s important to understand that even low levels of lead are harmful.

Our lead test kits are the only ones available in Australia for testing a wide variety of samples at a lab (which charges us a charity rate so you pay less).

You take the samples, and send them to Sydney Analytical Labs.
The lab analyses the samples, then we’ll explain the results.

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  1. Sam Moss
    Sam Moss November 24, 2022 at 10:42 am |

    Sorry, it’s quite confusing: what do I need to buy to test my egg/s? Eg if I buy one “Single Lead Testing Kit (1 Sample)” how many, if any, “$30 egg preparation for testing” things do I need to buy? Thanks.

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