Comprehensive Lead Testing Kit (8 Samples)


The eight sample version of our lead testing kit can be used to test for lead in soil, surface dust wipes, ceiling dust, vacuum dust, paint, water, metal candle wicks, toys, ceramics, PVC, jewellery, adhesive tape, printed inks, children’s clothing snaps and fasteners and many other consumer products.


To be eligible for the member’s discount, you must become a member and apply the coupon code we sent you once you reach the checkout area. Membership is $10 per annum for individuals and $132 per annum for organisations. This kit is $250 for members.

Test for lead if you want to prevent lead poisoning. Test for lead if you have any reason to suspect that it is present in the soil, dust, or paint in your house; particularly if you intend to renovate, and particularly if you have young children or intend having children. Test for lead in any source of water that doesn’t come from the mains supply: rainwater/tank water, bore water, dam water, ground water, or river water. Test any products you want to be sure do not contain the level or leachable form of lead that would make them unsafe for use. It’s important to understand that even low levels of lead are harmful.

Our lead test kits are the only ones available in Australia for testing a wide variety of samples at a lab (which charges us a charity rate so you pay less).

You take the samples, and send them to Sydney Analytical Labs. The lab analyses the samples, then we’ll explain the results.

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