8-Sample Lead Testing Kit (posted) $298

$298.00$358.00 incl GST

Lab lead analysis for eight samples of any combination of:

  • surface dust wipe
  • water (two is the recommended number of samples to assess whether one tap is adding lead to the water)
  • soil
  • ceiling dust
  • vacuum dust
  • paint
  • commercial chicken feed
  • toy paint
  • jewellery **

We’ll send you all you need to collect the samples.

NOTE you can decide on which combination of these sample types you’d like to do. Just let us know in the comments section of the cart.

For example, you might choose 2 Dust Wipe, 2 Water, 2 Paint and 2 Soil OR 6 Dust Wipe and 2 Water, OR any other combination including either Dust Wipe or Water samples or both. You decide. 🙂



8-Sample Lead Testing Kit (posted)


  • 1 zip-lock clear plastic bag
  • 4 gloves
  • 1 spatula
  • 8 dust wipes
  • 8 plastic containers
  • Two snap-lock snack bags
  • Laboratory analysis of 8 samples
  • Written interpretation of and comments on results will be emailed to you

Want to test for extra metals?

If you’d like to have your samples analysed for extra metals (as well as lead), then please go here.

Want to test extra eggs?

We’ve included the option to have up to 2 eggs sampled as part of this kit (see options above). If you’d like to test more than 2 eggs, then please click here to add on as many extra eggs as you would like.

Toy Paint

If you’ve got painted toys that children and/or pets play with, mouthe or suck, then we recommend testing the paint. There are a couple of options for this which are set out here.

  • If you can scrape off some paint (any amount up to a total area of 3cm2), it can be tested for total lead.
  • If you can’t scrape the paint off, then send the whole toy to the lab where it will be immersed in a mild acid (note, this will damage the toy paint and thus the toy should not be played with) then analysed for leachable lead.

Important Consideration if you are testing toy paint, there are 7 extra metals which are recommended for testing based on the Australian Toy Standards. Click here to order these, too.

Jewellery Leachate Samples

Jewellery can be prepared for testing for leachable lead. This is particularly recommended if a child has been mouthing or chewing on jewellery.

** Important this preparation can damage the jewellery. It is important to consider this, as there are no guarantees that it won’t. If you’d like it back after it’s been tested, be sure to send the sample in a Glad Seal Bag with a self-addressed postage-paid envelope/packaging inside so that the lab can return it to you after testing it.

Jewellery can also be tested for other metals. Click here to add them to your order.

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Use our 8-Sample Lead Testing Kit to test for lead if you –

  • want to prevent lead poisoning
  • have any reason to suspect that it is present in the soil, dust, or paint in your house
  • intend to renovate
  • have young children or intend having children.
  • have water that doesn’t come from the mains supply: rainwater/tank water, bore water, dam water, ground water, or river water
  • want to be sure that any products do not contain the level or leachable form of lead that would make them unsafe for use

Our lead test kits are the only ones available in Australia for testing a wide variety of samples at a lab (which charges us a charity rate so you pay less).

You take the samples and send them to Sydney Analytical Labs. The lab analyses the samples, then we’ll explain the results.

Additional information

Options for 8-Sample Kit

8-Sample Kit, 8-Sample Kit including 1 Water sample, 8-Sample Kit including 2 Water samples, 8-Sample Kit including Preparation of One Egg, 8-Sample Kit including Preparation of Two Egg, 8-Sample Kit including 1 Toy Paint sample, 8-Sample Kit including 2 Toy Paint samples, 8-Sample Kit including 1 Jewellery Leachate sample, 8-Sample Kit including 2 Jewellery Leachate samples

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