1-Sample Lead Testing Kit (posted) $76


This 1-Sample Lead Testing Kit (posted) can be used for:

  • Surface dust wipe
  • Water (two is the recommended number of samples to assess whether one tap is adding lead to the water)
  • Paint
  • Soil
  • Egg
  • Commercial chicken feed
  • Ceiling dust
  • Vacuum dust
  • Toy paint
  • Ceramicware
  • Food
  • Medication
  • Jewellery

You get to choose which combination you sample – so please let us know when you reach the checkout.

All samples are sent to a NATA-accredited laboratory for analysis.

This Test Kit includes written interpretation of the results and our comments on how to address identified lead in your situation.

⭐ Note: please write your choice of sample type in the Order Notes at checkout. ⭐


1-Sample Lead Testing Kit (posted)

It’s important to understand that even low levels of lead are harmful, which we’re guessing is why you’re here.

Our Lead Test Kits are the only ones available in Australia that allow you to test a wide variety of samples at a NATA-accredited lab. The lab we use charges us a charity rate so you pay less, which is one way we are making lead testing more affordable.

In this 1-Sample Lead Testing Kit (posted), we’ll post you what you need to collect the sample(s) and the relevant instructions – let us know during the checkout process.

1-Sample Lead Testing Kit (posted) includes:

Depending on what you let us know that you are testing, this kit MAY include:

  • Gloves
  • Spatula
  • Zip-lock clear plastic bag
  • Dust wipe
  • Plastic container
  • Laboratory analysis of 1 sample
  • Written interpretation of and comments with your results (which we’ll email to you)

Be aware that the number of each item of sampling equipment will vary based upon what you let us know that you are testing.

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Use our 1-Sample Lead Testing Kit (posted)to test for lead if you –

  • Want to prevent lead poisoning
  • Have any reason to suspect that it is present in the soil, dust, or paint in your home and yard or other building or outdoor area
  • Intend to renovate
  • Have young children, pets or chickens or intend to have them
  • Have water that doesn’t come from the mains supply (rainwater/tank water, bore water, dam water, ground water, or river water)
  • Want to be sure that any products do not contain the level or leachable form of lead that would make them unsafe for use

When do I also need to order Add-Ons?

Eggs 🥚

One or more eggs can be tested using this Kit but for each egg, please order the Egg Preparation Add-On.

👉🏼 In other words, you need to order this Kit AND the Egg Preparation Add-On.

Extra Metals 🧲

If you’d like to have your samples analysed for extra metals (as well as lead), then please go here and make your selections.

👉🏼 Note, you need to order this Kit AND the Extra Metals Add-On.

Toys 🧸

If you’ve got painted toys that children and/or pets play with, mouth or suck, then we recommend testing the paint.

There are a couple of options for testing toys:

  • Scraping Off Paint: If you can scrape off some paint (any amount up to a total area of 3 cm2), it can be tested for total lead.
  • Leachate: If you can’t scrape the paint off, then send the whole toy to the lab where it will be immersed in a mild acid (note, this will damage the toy so it will not be returned to you) then analysed for leachable lead.

For your consideration – there are 7 extra metals which are recommended for testing compliance with the Australian Toy Standard. Click here to order these, too.

👉🏼 Note, to test all 8 Toy Standard Metals you need to order this Kit AND the Toy Paint Metals Suite Add-On for each Toy Paint sample.

Food or Medication 💊

Have you got an elevated blood lead level and already tested the usual common lead sources at a lab (soil, dust wipes, first flush drinking water and old paint in poor condition)?

Or, you’ve got an elevated blood lead level and are taking Ayurvedic medicine?

👉🏼 Then the next step is to purchase a Kit plus as many Food or Medication Add-Ons as you need – one per sample of Food, Supplement, Medication.

Jewellery 💍

Jewellery can be prepared for testing for leachable lead. This is particularly recommended if a child has been mouthing or chewing on jewellery. Simply specify this at the checkout.

PLEASE NOTE that this preparation can damage the jewellery. It is important to consider this, as there are no guarantees that it won’t. If you’d like it back after it’s been tested, be sure to send the sample in a Glad Seal Bag with a self-addressed postage-paid envelope/packaging inside so that the lab can return it to you after testing it.

For your consideration – we recommend the Jewellery Metals Suite, which includes 3 extra metals which are commonly found in jewellery, click here if you want to add on these extra 3 metals.

👉🏼 Note, to test all 4 problem metals in jewellery, you need to order this Kit AND the Jewellery Leachate Add-On.

Fluoride 🚰

When testing your drinking water, you may also like to check the fluoride levels.

👉🏼 Note, you need to order this Kit AND the Fluoride Analysis Add-On.

Asbestos 🏠

Are you worried that there might be asbestos in your paint, soil, ceiling dust, vacuum dust surface dust wipe or building material?

The only way to know for certain is to have the laboratory examine it with their powerful microscope. We’ll send you instructions on how to safely collect the samples.

👉🏼 Note, you need to order this Kit AND the Asbestos Detection Add-On.

🤗 Did You Know…?

You’re not limited to testing the same thing for every sample in your Kit.

We get it… 🔍

Sometimes it all becomes clearer what you need once you start taking samples.

Please know that you can come back here for Add-Ons once you have your Kit.

Still got a question? 🤔

Reach out to us here so we can answer that for you.

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