Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy tells you how we protect and use information that we gather through this The LEAD Group Inc. web site based in Australia. This web site and this Privacy Policy are intended for a global audience.

By using this web site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Except as written in any other disclaimers, policies, terms of use, or other notices on this web site, this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use are the complete agreement between you and The LEAD Group Inc. with respect to your use of this web site. You may be subject to additional terms that may apply when you access particular services or materials on certain areas in this web site, or by following a link from this web site.


The information we receive, and how we use it, depends on what you do when visiting our web site. We collect and use your non-personal information (information that is not identifiable to you personally) differently than your personal information.

Personal information

Personal information is information we collect through this web site that we can use to specifically identify you, such as your:

  • name

  • telephone number

  • e-mail address

  • personal information

  • medical information

In some places on this web site you have the opportunity to send us personal information about yourself, to elect to receive particular information, or to participate in an activity. For example, you may fill out a registration form, a survey, or an e-mail form and you may elect to receive educational material about our services.

The LEAD Group Inc. may keep and use personal information

With your permission we may keep and use personal information we collect from you through this web site, stored in  The LEAD Group Inc. database. In addition, we may keep and use your personal information:

  • to respond to your requests

  • to develop records, including records of your personal information

  • for analytical purposes and to research, develop and improve programs, products, services and content

  • to protect someone’s health, safety or welfare

  • to comply with a law or regulation, court order or other legal process

The LEAD Group Inc. does not share personal information with third parties

The LEAD Group Inc. will not share your personal information collected from this web site with an unrelated third party without your permission, except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy.

All information provided will be kept private and confidential.

Visitors who submit contact information or who contact The LEAD Group Inc. by e-mail, telephone or other means, and who offer any personal information, including an e-mail address, can trust their information will be held in confidence.

Non-personal information

Non-personal information is information we collect through this web site that does not identify you as an individual person. It may include information such as the following:

  • the type of web browser software you use (for example, Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer)

  • the name of the domain from which you access the Internet

  • the Internet address of the web site from which you linked directly to our web site

  • the date and time you access our web site

  • which pages you have visited on our web site

  • the search terms you use

  • the links on which you click

If you visit our web site to read or download information, we may collect certain non-personal information about you from your computer. This information is collected from your computer’s web browser: If you only read or download information on our web site, we do not collect or learn your name, e-mail address, home address, or other personal information about you. We may place a text file called a cookie in the browser files of your computer when you visit. The cookie may be stored on your computer’s hard drive. The information that we collect using cookies is non-personal information. You are always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, but some parts of our web site may not work properly for you if you do so. We will not allow third parties to place cookies on our web site.

Because non-personal information cannot identify you or be tied to you in any way, there are no restrictions on the ways that we can use or share non-personal information. We are always looking for ways to better serve you and improve this web site. We will use non-personal information from you to help us make this web site more useful to visitors. We also will use non-personal information for other purposes. For example, we may use non-personal information or aggregate non-personal information to:

  • create reports for publication on our site and for the purposes of reporting to our funding agencies

  • develop programs, products, services or content

  • customize the information or services that are of interest to you

  • provide aggregated information on how visitors use our site, such as “traffic statistics” and “response rates,” to third parties.

Privacy on other web sites

This web site contains links to other web sites operated by third parties. We provide the links for your convenience, but we do not review, control, or monitor the privacy practices of web sites operated by others. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any other web site. We are not responsible for the performance of web sites operated by third parties or for your business dealings with them. Therefore, whenever you leave this web site we recommend that you review each web site’s privacy practices and make your own conclusions regarding the adequacy of these practices.

The LEAD Group Inc. may contact visitors to this web site

We may contact you periodically by e-mail, mail or telephone to provide information regarding programs, products, services and content that may be of interest to you, if you agree to that contact by filling in the online forms on this web site. If you fill in the form requesting a link to your web site or to your organisation, we may also include the phone numbers and address you supply, a link to your email address, along with a description of your organisation or web site. If you fill in the Contact Us form and give permission for us to web publish your question or comment, we will also publish your state and country (if you supply it or if we can work it out). If you give permission for us to publish your first name, we will publish it. If you give permission for us to publish your email address, we may or may not publish it – dependent on our decision as to whether publishing your email address will be helpful to you. If your communication requests a response from us, we will send you a response via e-mail. The e-mail response or confirmation may include your personal information, including personal information about your health, your name, address, etc. We cannot guarantee that our e-mails to you will be secure from unauthorized interception.

Web site security

Security is very important to us. We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. You should keep in mind that no Internet transmission is ever 100% secure or error-free. In particular, e-mail sent to or from this site may not be secure, and you should therefore take special care in deciding what information you send to us via e-mail.

European Union GDPR Compliant Privacy Statement

A document explaining how we comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations can be found here

Contact The LEAD Group Inc.

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please use the Contact Us through our web site or phone +61 2 9716 0014.