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Lead Safe Partners

Lead Safe Partners are local experts who specialise in making homes and environments lead-safe and includes professionals skilled in lead assessments, leaded ceiling dust and paint removal, or lead management.

National Painters

The National Painting and Decorating Institute is the peak educational body for the painting industry in Australia and the Pacific. It is supported by Registered Training Organisations, and provides Safe Lead Paint Abatement Training across Australia, Asia and the Pacific, and maintains a data-base of painters trained in safe lead work practices and publishes on-line information and videos for painters anywhere in the world.

Aussie Painters

Aussie Painters Network – For Painters
Painters working with Painters to improve the industry. Members receive information designed to assist them in advancing their business practices and maintaining a high degree of professionalism. Aussie Painters Network keeps painting businesses up to date on the latest Government legislative changes, whilst assisting them in running their business with tips and ideas to save them money and avoid pitfalls.

Aussie Painters

Home Painters Info – For Consumers – seeks to link the consumer with the painter for the best outcome for both. Has a database of approximately 10,000 painters Australia wide, listed by postcode. A consumer seeking a local contractor can contact anyone servicing their area for competitive quotes. Home Painters Info supplies information, tips and tricks of the trade to help navigate consumers painting jobs, and provide important information on issues like Lead Paint, risks and removal, and choosing a contractor to suit the building owner.


The Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA) is the first ceiling dust removalists’ association in the world. ADRA has information on ceiling dust removal and in most older houses ceiling cavities contain high levels of lead mixed in with a build-up of dust. You can rely on an ADRA member company to safely remove leaded ceiling dust from your home, workplace or other building. See the list for details on their services.

Omega Maintenance Group

Omega Maintenance Group offers lead damp course and flashing replacement service as well as lead paint removal (and repainting). Omega Maintenance Group Pty Ltd is (CACC) Accredited level 4 OH&S by Sydney Water – Concrete Spalling Repairs Waterproofing Protective Coatings; Polyurethane Injection Systems, Tank Linings & Refurbishment.


Since February 1, 1979, ESCA Tech Inc. has been providing innovative products and services to assist in the reduction of blood lead levels and the risk of lead poisoning. The US EPA recognised D-Lead® Paint Test Kit and the D-Lead® Test Kit for Lead Dust help in the identification of potential lead hazards. D-Lead® and D-Wipe® cleaners have been designed to quickly and efficiently remove lead and heavy metal dust from skin, hair, clothing, carpets, tools and most water washable surfaces. Worldwide, D-Lead® and D-Wipe® cleaners are in use helping to protect families, workers and their children from lead hazards. Follow ESCA Tech on Facebook here.

Blast One

The Blastmaster Group of companies has been the industry leader in paint removal and corrosion control since 1968. Protecting ourselves and the environment from lead poisoning is not optional. Call us today for more information pre-testing, containing, surface testing, waste checking, ventilation, personal, safety equipment and waste disposal. DON’T RISK LEAD POISONING 3M LeadCheck Swab test kits (2-pack, 8-pack and 16-pack) are just one of the thousands of products and services supplied by Blast-One International. Blast-One International – Australia and New Zealand: 1-12 Bruce Avenue/PO Box 1144, Marleston South Australia 5033, Australia; 12 Holt Place/PO Box 39036, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand. Phone: +61 8 8292 2000, Freecall: 1800 882 229, Fax: +61 8 8292 2001, Email: Blast-One InternationalBlast-One International – United States: Blast-One in the US was set up in 2001 as a global expansion of the Blastmaster Group. 2400 Landmark Way, Columbus, Ohio 43219, USA. Phone: +1 614 476 3000, Freecall: +1 877 725 2781, Fax: +1 614 476 6939, Email: Blast-One InternationalBlast-One International – United Kingdom: Willow House, 12-24 Willow Way, London SE26 4QP, UK. Phone: +44 845 381 2000, Fax: +44 845 381 2001, Email: Blast-One UK.

Kaulson Laboratories

Kaulson Laboratories is based in West Caldwell, New Jersey and was founded in 1979 for detection of Lead Poisoning in children & occupationally exposed workers and has tested over a million lead poisoned children & adults in the United States and around the globe including India, China, Middle East, Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan & Yugoslavia. Kaulson discovered worlds most lead polluted site at Haina, Dominican Republic in 1997, and also pioneered in preparing Quality Control Reference materials (Contox) used in Lead Testing.

Men in White

Men in White painting service – based in Randwick – focuses on safe painting methods. We specialise in dust free surface preparation combined with the application of safe non-toxic paints. We are based in Randwick, and service the eastern suburbs, low North shore, and the inner west of Sydney. Men in White is an award-winning company; most recently a finalist the 2013 master Painters Australia (NSW) awards for excellence. The company is Dulux Accredited, 3M Accredited Window Film installer, a member of Green Painters, Aussie Home Painters, and various industry associations. You are in safe hands when you call Rohan at Men in White! Find out more about what we do here!


Established in 1997, Insulvac Insulation & Vacuuming Sydney has been leading providers of roof space/cavity cleaning and insulation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial roof spaces in Sydney. Conveniently located in Leichhardt, Sydney we can service the entire Sydney Metropolitan region and beyond. We offer lead testing and cavity cleaning services so before any maintenance or renovation work, you should arrange a ceiling dust inspection with Insulvac. A visual of your roof space via a manhole is done to check for asbestos, samples of the mixed ceiling dust will be taken and sent to Sydney Analytical Laboratories then results will be sent out to The LEAD Group so the results can be explained in writing. Some of our services include: roof space/cavity cleaning, toxic dust extraction, removal of contaminated or old insulation, installation of new acoustic & thermal insulation. Contact Insulvac for all these services and more! Phone: 02 9518 3744 or 1300 763 459


Solartex Insulation Solutions provide professional technical advice, custom designed insulation and installation services by our experienced team. Solartex has always maintained a duty of care by promoting health and safety as part of its installation service.Cleaning the ceiling cavity before insulating is an integral part of ceiling insulation in both commercial applications and residential installation. We aim to eliminate the risk of lead poisoning through the safe removal and disposal of toxic wastes. This includes professional HEPA vacuuming of lead contamination from ceiling voids, wall and underfloor cavities. We ensure that the contractors involved in its removal take care by following guidelines that protect both the building occupiers and those employed by our company. Solartex uses equipment with the latest cyclonic technologies and most efficient HEPA filtering systems. With this our staff is trained to take the utmost care in removing and disposing waste materials from buildings. THESE ARE THE AREAS  SERVICED BY SOLARTEX IN SYDNEY: Inner West, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and North Shore.

Ceiling Alert

Ceiling Alert is a Melbourne-based member of the Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA) offering extraction of dust, toxic dust, and dust mites with commercial vacuums using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. This is necessary if you have an old house or property that has built up a large amount of dust over a number of years, if you are renovating, or if you are experiencing allergies in your house. The Ceiling Alert team can analyse the toxicity of your building cavities and advise you on the best way to manage it. Ceiling Alert also offers removal of old insulation and installation of new insulation services. Call for a free quote on 1300139426.

Jeanette Williams, Building Biologist Building Biology Sydney: proving to be one of the missing links with chronic health issues. When treatment fails to bring lasting relief to chronic health issues, a healthy home assessment by a Building Biologist can provide clues and solutions that can help you to return to the path of recovery.

I see myself as part detective and part educator, utilising my skills, experience and specialised equipment to detect potential threats to health within the home or work environment. My goal is to find possible causes to ongoing health issues, and provide practical solutions, therefore empowering my clients to embrace their ability to take positive action towards creating a home and work environment that supports their innate ability to thrive.

I AM HOME is committed to helping families and communities create healthy home and work environments for natural day-to-day living. A healthy living and work environment is your ultimate SUPPORT SYSTEM and has the greatest positive impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual WELLBEING. I AM HOME can help you strengthen your SUPPORT SYSTEM by assessing potential environmental health risks including unwanted electro-pollution (such as from mobile phones, computers and domestic appliances), lead contamination, other chemicals, allergens and mould that can be contributing to health problems; and then providing tailored and practical solutions on how these hazards can be addressed. Our passion is to empower you to make effective and sustainable changes to improve the quality of your daily life.

Senri Oiso, Building Biologist at Balanced Building Biology. Originally trained as a scientist, only to go into the world of information technology (I.T.) and then returning to his original passion. Senri has a passion for scientific research with an ability to go deeper than most to understand any topic. Having lived in a “potentially toxic mouldy home” for 4 years along with numerous WiFi routers and electro-pollution, Senri experienced adverse health effects that couldn’t be explained, usually attributing it to the long working hours and the lack of sleep. It is through his own curiosity that he found the world of Building Biology and decided to study at the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES) and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Building Biology. With the latest metering equipment, Senri will assess your building for potential issues and hazards, including lead hazards, and provide his professional opinion on potential hazards and associated scientific literature that have correlated health effects. Call 0406736802 and let’s make sure your building is healthy for you to live in!

ACES logo

The Australian College of Environmental Studies was established in 1999 to educate people about the health hazards in the built environment. We run nationally accredited training in Building Biology, Mould Testing, Electromagnetic Field Testing, Lead Testing, Feng Shui and Building a Healthy Home. Our mission is to create financially rewarding careers that support the health of the community. For more information go to: www.aces.edu.au / 1300 889 845.

boomerang alliance

The Boomerang Alliance is committed to campaigning for a zero waste society. The LEAD Group was one of the original 30 members of the Alliance and through collaboration with government and industry, the Alliance seeks to: adopt policies that achieves the highest level resource recovery and reuse, undertake investigations of the waste industry and recycling facilities benchmarked against regulatory compliance, campaign and use advocacy techniques to achieve our commitment and collaborate with stakeholders as a part of our campaigning approach.

Stefan Irwanto is a Biomedical Engineer, an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP), and the founder of Test My Property. He utilises The LEAD Group’s testing kits to assess lead contamination. With extensive experience in air quality monitoring and a deep understanding of environmental toxins, Stefan is dedicated to ensuring that every property is free from lead, and other potential hazards, such as mould, poor indoor air quality, VOCs and EMF. Stefan is a certified IICRC Water Damage Restoration and Applied Microbial Remediation Technician. His mission is to reduce the impact of environmental toxins one property at a time.