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cryoprep logoCryoprep Australia is a surface preparation company, servicing the painting industry in Australia. We are specialists in removing lead based paints and various other coatings where alternative methods are unsuitable. Cryoprep uses a blast process which employs a combination of dry ice and a range of conventional grit media. Dry ice sublimates on contact with a surface leaving it dry, clean and paint ready. A significantly reduce amount of selected abrasive media is used to create the specified profile suited to the coating system being applied. As a result Cryoprep offers a superior environmental solution in comparison to other methods. Because Cryoprep can deliver combined, selected aggregates at extremely low pressure, this allows us to remove coatings effectively, while maintaining the integrity of the substrate. Reduced secondary waste, while improving work rates and efficiency, also reduces the cost of transporting and disposal of prescribed waste. It is for these reasons we believe our blast stripping method can provide a superior outcome in a shorter time than other systems. For more information go to https://www.cryoprep.com/ and we look forward to providing Cryoprep solutions on your next project.