LEAPP Alliance Members

The LEAPP Alliance pages have been moved to leappalliance.org.uk and will no longer be updated here – 6th July 2022.

Steve NorrisLead Containing Materials Association
Frank SheppardLead Containing Materials Association
Dr Simon ReddyLead In The Water
Hesaan SheridanHeritage Testing
Tim PyeLead Safe World UK
Dr Andrew TurnerUniversity of Plymouth
Dr Priyanka ChaurasiaUniversity of Ulster
Angela WebbParent
Julia KlienParent
Professor Jane EntwistleNorthumbria University
Professor Erik MillstoneUniversity of Sussex
Laura MeadParent
Assistant Professor Ludovica GazzeUniversity of Warwick
Associate Professor Francis DiTragliaUniversity of Oxford
Dr Lindsay BramwellNorthumbria University
Dr Tom WoolleyRachel Bevan Architects
Jack RaffertyLead Exposure Elimination Project
Lara AgbajeParent
John DinanCapitainer SE
Dr Ashley MillsUniversity of Kent
Lynne DaviesGrandparent
Rebecca Farr-Barron Mum on a mission
Dr David JacobsNational Center for Healthy Housing
Professor Abby KinchyRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Professor Howard MielkeTulane University School of Medicine
Elizabeth O’BrienThe LEAD Group Inc
Ananda CardLead Awareness NZ

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