Hampden Park Public School Mention

If you’ve been following our blog posts and our birthday celebrations during the International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action you’d probably know that we presented calendars and mugs to the kids of Hampden Park Public School in Lakemba, Sydney. The school has mentioned The LEAD Group and Volcano Art Prize in their most recent newsletter entitled Hampden Happenings. Thank you Hampden Park Public School and I would like to give a special mention to Alice Ju who helped to facilitate the submission of entries and organise everything for us. Thanks again! You can find a link to the newsletter below and to those of you who have sent us Birthday messages for last week, your support means a lot to us.

My Bird by Hind Al Mashaoor (11). Lead-safety Message: “If I had a pet bird, I would keep it safe from lead.”

Link to Hampden Happenings Term 4 Week 3: https://www.hampdenpk-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/cmsresources/hampden-park-public-school/misc/2014/10/hampden_happenings_term_4_week_3_2014_1414627558966.pdf

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