Eliminate Lead from Drinking Water

Steps to Eliminate Lead from Drinking Water 

It’s up to us to eliminate lead from drinking water because Australia lags the developed world. 

Global Valve Technology (GVT) have been committed to providing Australians with its first ‘Certified’ and field-proven Lead-Free Water Meter. This is something that other advanced countries have committed to, by introducing rules requiring zero or very low lead levels in water meters and other plumbing products. Australia needs to follow suit!!

Unfortunately, it is cheaper to produce Brass Water Meters with a higher lead content, than it is to produce a low lead meter. Australian Regulations allow our lead content at a much higher level than is legal in Europe and North America. This is a real concern and one that the public are not fully aware of.

We believe that the lead in the Brass Water Meter, may make up a very significant proportion of the lead contamination in our drinking water. 

Lead Leaches from Your Brass Water Meter into Your Drinking Water 

We believe this because a significant volume of water remains inside the meter, often for lengthy periods of time while residents are away and not using water. With the lead from the Brass Meter leaching into the water from a high lead content brass water meter, that is often in direct sunlight and very hot, accelerating the lead dissipation into drinking water. 

There have been a number of research papers that support this theory.

Given this, we think the Leaded Brass Water Meter may, therefore, be a much more significant source of lead than the tap and other plumbing fittings.

Good News in Protecting Your Drinking Water

The ‘Good News’ is that many Australian Water companies are now committed to using our Lead-Free Water Meter, with over 100,000 supplied so far.

Why take the risk with high lead levels in your water, when you can have installed GVT’s Australian designed and owned water meter. 

No Lead, No Risk!

Support your health, you are just a phone call away from your Zero Lead Meter, which can be requested from your water supplier where possible, at no cost to you.

Take Action

Ask your Water Authority for a ZLM (Zero Lead Meter)

Lead Safety Message

Within 10 days of asking Sydney Water for a Zero Lead Meter (ZLM) to replace my leaded brass water meter, this Global Valve Technology ZLM appeared!

eliminate lead from drinking water


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Publication Details

Author: Global Valve Technology, a Lead-Free Partner of The LEAD Group’s Lead Safe World Project

First published in Lead Action News Volume 21 Number 3

Date originally published August 2021

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