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The LEAD Group Inc is a registered charity.

See Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) Charity Register Summary – The Lead Education and Abatement Design (LEAD) Group – Charity ABN 25819463114  

Donations to The LEAD Group’s Lead Education and Abatement Fund (LEAF) are tax-deductible and will be used to achieve the environmental purposes of The LEAD Group.

This Lead Safe World Project of The LEAD Group, aims to achieve a lead safe world by 2041 by ensuring that the environment is protected from all uses of lead – past, current and future uses.

How to Donate

Donate by PayPal or Credit Card:

Click here:

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Or scan our QR code:

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Prefer to donate by phone?

Please phone our office (02 9716 0014) with your Credit Card details or to ask for EFT details.

Bonus for Donations over $20

Donations of $20 or more entitle the donor to a free entry (worth $10) into the Volcano Art Prize (VAP)!

This is our annual lead-awareness raising art competition in which 30 winning entries will be chosen by the Art Judge to win a PictureProducts mug with your entry printed on it.

And anyone can choose any VAP entry to be printed on a LeadSafeWorld poster – which can be ordered at – which you can then take to your local GP, vet, community noticeboard, preschool, school etc and ask that it be displayed, to raise lead awareness.

Anonymous Donations

You can specify if you prefer your donation to remain anonymous and also, how your donation to LEAF is to be spent by The LEAD Group.

After making your PayPal or Credit Card donation (using the PayPal button below), you will see our email address under Donations Coordinator Contact Information or go to Contact Us for our contact information.

The default is that we’ll web-publish donors’ names and spend the donation on our environmental purposes.

Please send us an email if you want to remain anonymous and/or if you want to specify how your donation is spent.

For example, “Cash Prize pool for VAP” or “to raise awareness of lead flashing adding lead to rainwater tanks or stormwater” etc.

The Cash Prize pool will also receive all the VAP entry fees so please encourage everyone you know to put in an entry to VAP. We accept all manner of “artworks” relating to lead-safety, including photos, very short films and digital images of sculptures/paintings etc.

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