Become a LEAD Group Volunteer

Join the dedicated team at The LEAD Group in Summer Hill, Sydney, or work from your own home or office if you would like to help eliminate lead poisoning and protect the environment from lead. You can apply for one or more positions below as we are constantly looking for passionate people with multiple talents!


Here is The LEAD Group’s volunteer job list:

1. Data-entry officers and trainers – learn then train others to use our fabulous custom-built Access frontend / SQL database to enter caller’s details and incoming emails and library articles, and outgoing emails of the information we have uniquely matched to their needs during their communication (email / phone call) with the Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS).

2. Marketing and Promotion for Volcano Art Prize – help us promote our annual art competition to collect images to raise lead awareness and as well as raise much needed funds for our cause. You will be responsible for searching for artistic talent and those interested in environmental solutions. Create unique marketing material and then publish these works and help us grab the attention of fellow creative artists!

3. Publicists/journalists to organise writing and distribution of media releases such as newsletters and campaign material, including promotion of The LEAD Group, Lead Safe World and Volcano Art Prize through innovative journalistic reporting.

4. Fund-raiser/Grant application-writer to obtain funds for:

a) the essential Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS) – a telephone and email information and referral service provided free to the community, covering all aspects of managing and preventing lead poisoning and lead contamination in Australia and worldwide. GLASS has so far responded to emails from over 140 countries and data-entered nearly 100,000 communications with clients and lead experts;

b) seek out potential companies to sponsor the newly created Lead Safe World Project, especially large organisations then write and web-publish a database of information and referrals provided free to the community, covering every company which offers a lead-safe service (such as lead paint removal) or lead-free product (such as lead-free roof flashing) and any other service or product which helps managing and preventing lead poisoning and lead contamination in the world;

c) publication and distribution of The LEAD Group’s newsletter – “LEAD Action News”, a 4-32 page approximately quarterly publication on all news related to lead which has been published at www.lead.org.au/nl.html since February 1993;

d) event management and promotion of International Lead Poisoning Awareness Week (a week including 20th October each year, for this year it’s Monday 20th October to Sunday 26th October 2014);

e) promotion and management of the Volcano Art Prize which develops graphics for use in lead education. Entry to this lead-safety art competition is free for children worldwide and for adults in non-OECD countries, and only costs $10 for adults in OECD countries;

5. Newsletter compiler/editor/journalist to put together our quarterly publication “LEAD Action News” (see www.lead.org.au/nl.html) which is now an online-only newsletter

6. Publicist to promote International Lead Poisoning Awareness Week (approximately 20th to 26th October each year).

7. Actuary to research the average age of death and typical causes of death of those workers who have been exposed to lead but for whom there are typically not even blood lead monitoring programs in place e.g. radiator repairers, painters, indoor shooting range cleaners, ceiling dust removalists, insulation installers, muffler repairers, smash repairers, electronics manufacture and repair industry workers, lead lighters, demolition contractors, etc.

8. Researcher/factsheet writer/journalist for a range of topics e.g. “Permaculture methods to deal with lead contaminated soil”, … “What you need to know about lead before buying an old house”, … “Lead poisoning surveillance in Australia”, … “What to do when your neighbour is carrying out unsafe renovation or demolition”, … “What to do if your child is lead poisoned”, … “What to do if you have a blood lead level above 1 µg/dL”, … “The hazards of heavy metals for scrap metal recyclers”, … “Alternatives to leaded consumer products”, … “What lawyers need to know about lead”, … “The history of lead litigation in Australia”, … “Why Australia needs a national lead strategy now that leaded petrol and leaded paint is banned”, … “Experiences with chelation treatment for lead poisoning in Australia”, … “The essential role of the Global Lead Advice and Support Service”, … “Australian government policy and actual responses to the problem of lead”, … “Australia’s income from lead exports”, … “If lead is so toxic and so “recyclable” – why is it still mined and used?”, … “You alone are responsible for the quality of your indoor air and your tank water”, … “Legislation to control or eliminate lead: Australia compared”, … “The legacy of growing up in a lead mining town”, … “The need for Lead Advisory Services in countries importing lead from Australia”, … etc.

9. Networkers/educators to inspire unions, educational bodies, hobbyists (such as shooters, ceramicists, lead lighters etc.), health care professionals’ organisations, rural groups who are dependent on rainwater which is prone to lead contamination, do-it-yourself renovators, landlords and the media, etc. to be pro-active in disseminating information about lead poisoning/contamination prevention and management.

10. Legislation reformist to propose and campaign for a variety of measures such as warning labels about lead hazards on heatguns and sanders, the need for information on lead hazards in pre-1997 buildings to be made available to tenants and home-buyers before they take up residence, cradle to grave management of leaded consumer products such as lead acid batteries, industrial paints, marine paints, auto paints, ammunition, fishing sinkers, flashing, leadlight, the need for people who hire a paint contractor to be sure that the painter can do a lead-safe job, etc.

11. Passionate people who want to eliminate lead poisoning and has their own ideas on what to do but needs a base to work from.

12. Intern/Mentee to Elizabeth O’Brien, LEAD Group co-founder and President, and Manager of GLASS. The LEAD Group is seeking an individual who is passionate about changing the world for the better, through making the world a lead-safe place and thus allowing children to reach their IQ and learning potentials, and adults to live a healthier longer life.


You can contact us via our Contact Form or call the number listed below to apply or request further information! Thank you.


Elizabeth O’Brien

Phone: (02) 9716 0014