The Scafell Project

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Are your Ayurvedic Medicines Lead Poisoning You?

Are you taking any Ayurvedic Medicines that contain Bbhasmas (ashes) of Metals? eg Mahayograj Guggulu Ekangvir Ras or Manasmithra Vatika(pictured) If so, please stop immediately and ask your doctor for a blood lead test! What’s going on? Ayurvedic medicine is one of the most popular traditional medicines widely practised in India, Nepal and surrounding countries. […]

Lockdown, DIY and Lead

The committee of The LEAD Group (who are based in the UK, Australia and New Zealand) have recognised that many people could be turning to DIY decorating during the coronavirus lockdown. We anticipate that many will not be fully aware of the dangers of dealing with old lead paint. To try and help we have […]

Newcastle Herald Toxic Truth Report

A new LAN has been released and features a comprehensive report into the aftermath of lead contamination and poor lead management after the Pasminco smelter era. Look for the ‘Toxic Truth’ section to read more about this story. LAN also features what we were up to during Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action and EcoXpo […]

Catalyst: Lead Astray

A must see report on lead exposure and its developmental effects on children was shown on ABC a few days ago. I highly recommend that you all check this video out. You can download the video here. If you prefer the transcript, it’s also available online at ‘‘! The LEAD Group is a charity organisation […]

Happy New Year & EcoXpo Adventures

Hope those of you reading this and supporters of Lead Safe World and other TLG projects had a delightful New Year’s celebration and is well on your way to recovering. At The LEAD Group, we are resolute in committing to start the year strong and will have a new Lead Action News ready for publication […]

Lead Safe Community Gardening

Public service reminder to those of you who grow vegetables and other goodies in community gardens. Please get a test of the soil sample to ensure that the soil you’re growing these goodies in is safe so they don’t turn your goodies into baddies. This is what happened in Hart to Hart community garden in […]

Hampden Park Public School Mention

If you’ve been following our blog posts and our birthday celebrations during the International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action you’d probably know that we presented calendars and mugs to the kids of Hampden Park Public School in Lakemba, Sydney. The school has mentioned The LEAD Group and Volcano Art Prize in their most recent […]