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HPI_APCLogoAussie Painters Network – For Painters
Painters working with Painters to improve the industry. Members receive information designed to assist them in advancing their business practices and maintaining a high degree of professionalism. Aussie Painters Network keeps painting businesses up to date on the latest Government legislative changes, whilst assisting them in running their business with tips and ideas to save them money and avoid pitfalls.


Home Painters Info – For Consumers – seeks to link the consumer with the painter for the best outcome for both. Has a database of approximately 10,000 painters Australia wide, listed by postcode. A consumer seeking a local contractor can contact anyone servicing their area for competitive quotes. Home Painters Info supplies information, tips and tricks of the trade to help navigate consumers painting jobs, and provide important information on issues like Lead Paint, risks and removal, and choosing a contractor to suit the building owner.

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