Anthony’s Competition – “Getting the gunk out!”

Our Partner Anthony Powers has some advice on how to remove the “gunk” from our bodies:

“I have been seeing many young patients with auto-immune, fibromyalgia and intolerances recently.

After an initial consultation, I have been struck by how many of these patients may be full of ‘gunk’. Examples of this gunk include:

  • One (or both) parents smoked and they may still have high levels of cadmium in their system.
  • They have/are working in the mining industry.
  • They have worked with chemicals/dry-cleaning/hairdressing chemicals/solvents/soldering.
  • They have eaten a great deal of tuna or shark (flake).
  • Their mother had a great deal of amalgam filings (and they also have a few).

It is so important in these cases that may patients eat specific types of foods BUT the key is that the ‘gunk’ is slowly removed from the body that allows it to work efficiently.

The best visualisation of this, is a fine Swiss watch (our body) and someone has come along, taken the back off the watch and stuck some chewing gum inside.

The key is to remove the gum first (the gunk) and then re-oil the cogs (with healthy food).

To remove this gunk from my patients, I have just had a custom-made formula made that will be ready in November. I have put months of work into this formula and given it is a powder that needs to drunk slowly through the day, it is half price of the current commercial supplement I am currently using!

I love that. A better, custom-made formula and it is 50% cheaper.

But I need your help. I need you to head to my Facebook page and suggest a name for the formula.

The best name receives the first bottle valued at $40.”

Enter the competition here!


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