Our Team

Office Staff

Manager: Elizabeth O’Brien
Kit Administrator: Rekha Vasudev
Software and Applications Programmers: Ankit Patel
Data Analyst and Social Media Networker: Poornima Murthy
Accounts: Lin Zhu
Translator (French and Spanish): Orlando Aguirre
Translator (Chinese): Dr Hugh Xinxi Zhu
Translators (Arabic): Dr Iman Hegazi and Dr Samy Saad
Fact Sheet Writer: Mish Calvert (Michelle Kilburn)
Lead Test Results Website Developer: Peter Larkin
Kit Comments Collator: Namita Patnaik
Web Administrator: Malveek Kaur Dhaliwal
Systems Administrator: Peter de Rooy from Oranda Computer Services


LEAD Group Committee

President: Elizabeth O’Brien
Vice-President: Michelle Calvert
Treasurer: Ankit Patel
Secretary: Roger Kilburn
Member: Alex Jewson
Member: Rocky Huang
Member: Professor Mark Taylor
Member: Lucinda Curran
Member: Dr Michael Hindmarsh
UK Branch Member: Hesaan Sheridan


Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

Isotopic Fingerprinting and Head of TAB: Emeritus Professor Brian Gulson
Community Paediatrics: Dr. Garth Alperstein
Science and Technology Policy, Urban Planning: Professor Peter Newman
Lead Contamination: Dr. Ian Irvine
Public Health, Environmental Protection, Public Interest: Dr. Chloe Mason
Environment, Consumers: Dr. Val Brown
Veterinary Research: Dr. Jill Maddison
Holistic Vet, Bird Specialist: Dr. Ross Perry
Pathology, Environmental Assessment: Graeme Waller
Industrial Chemist, Paint: Fred Salome
Child and Family Health: Professor Graham Vimpani
Medical and Scientific Commentator: Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki
Statistician: Dr. John Wlodarczyk
Clinical Toxicologist: Professor Geoffrey Duggin
Automotive Engineering, Environmental Impacts of Vehicles: Jack Haley
Local Government: Michelle Calvert
Environmental Law: Michael Mobbs
Community Advocacy, International Campaigning: Elizabeth O’Brien
Point Source Community Advocacy, International Campaigning: Theresa Gordon
Political Scientist, Toxics Campaigner: Dr. Kate Hughes
Professional and Hobby Safety: Dr. Marc Grunseit
Conflict Resolution: Robin Mosman
Public Health, General Practice: Professor Michael Mira
General Practice: Dr. Ben Balzer
Early Childhood Education: Rosemary Ayoub
Public Health and Environmental Investigation: Mike van Alphen
International Toxics Campaigning: Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith
Lead Assessment and Occupational Hygiene: Carol Bodle
Local Council Environmental Health: Jamie Wood
Public Health and the Environment: Dr. Perry Gottesfeld
Heavy Metals Contaminated Sites: Isla MacGregor
Environmental Metal Exposures, Sources and Pathways: Professor Mark P. Taylor
Paediatrics, Research on Lead Levels: Dr. Fatma Zahrani
Lead in the Domestic Environment: Professor Clement Adebamowo
Doe Run Lead Smelter, Community of La Oroya: Dr. Godofredo Arauzo
Environmental Impacts of Mining: Dr. Gavin Mudd
Environmental Impacts of Lead Smelting: Dr. Tony Morrison
Environmental Impacts of Lead: Dr. Damian Gore
Birds and Exotics Veterinarian: Dr. Alex Rosenwax
Heavy Metal Monitoring & Biomonitoring, Human Neuropathology: Professor Richard Banati
Building Biology: Lucinda Curran
Epidemiology, prenatal exposures, child health: Dr. Caroline M Taylor
Environmental Science, Geoscience and Epidemiology: Dr. Mark Laidlaw
Clinical care of pediatric and obstetric plumbism: Dr. Morri Markowitz
XRF, environmental behaviour, and consumer products: Dr. Andrew Turner
Lead Education and Abatement Fund Sub-committee

Emeritus Professor Brian Gulson
Fred Salome
Michelle Calvert


Come join the Team!!

We welcome volunteers and professional support. If you’re a marketing or public relations professional, writer, researcher, public health or occupational health expert, environmentalist, video-maker, editor… Phone +61 2 9716 0014 and tell us how you’d like to contribute.

Watch this space to see our Team grow…