The Lead Safe World Project was developed by The LEAD Group Inc, at the suggestion of Founding Partner Evo Building Products.


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The LEAD Group Inc is a environmental health charity conceived in 1990, established as a community organization in 1991 and registered as an incorporated association in 1992 in Sydney, Australia. Since its foundation it has actively pursued its mission:

“Work to eliminate lead poisoning globally and protect the environment from lead in all its uses: past, current and potential”.

Working towards that mission, The LEAD Group has three key objectives:

  • To be the voice for people affected by lead:
  • To inform the world about the dangers of lead. The LEAD Group currently holds the world’s largest lead library and database of lead experts
  • To raise our profile and achieve our mission.

Over two decades we have built local and international influence and strong alliances with:

The Partnership for Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (GAELP), an initiative of UNEP and the World Health Organization; and a role as a Founding Member of the Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA).

The LEAD Group’s most significant current initiatives are:

  • Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS); our main area of activity.
  • GLASS publishes LEAD Action News e-newsletter.
  • Supporting independent and individual lead testing by the sale of test kits including a follow-up interpretation of the results appropriate to the site, whether residential or industrial, with recommendations on what to do to make the site safe for employees; or your family and pets and safe for vegetable-growing and poultry keeping.
    Lead Safe World Project (LSWP) solicits art for inclusion in the Lead Safe World Calendar through the associated Volcano Art Prize (VAP).