Lead Safe World Project

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It’s time to create a Lead-Safe World.

Our mission at The LEAD Group is to create a lead-safe world by 2041.

But how do you deal with lead?

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Have you just discovered that you need to know about how to deal with lead?

Maybe, like Grandma Lead (aka Elizabeth O’Brien) your children have been exposed to lead?

Perhaps, you are planning on renovating and just realised that you might have leaded paint?

Is it possible that you may be exposed to lead in your work?

There are many ways to be exposed to lead…

If you want to know what to do about lead, then The LEAD Group is a one-stop shop for all things lead.

Based on over 30 years experience, we’ve developed testing Kits which include laboratory analysis, we then provide interpretation of the results and guidance for you on how to address issues.

How do you know what to test for lead? We’ve got you covered for that, too!

Take the quiz here for help in determining what needs to be tested in your situation.

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Lead poisoning is preventable.

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